Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I just realise that the year is going to end very very soon. I saw someone posted something in Facebook that is why I realise that. Whenever it is year end, it only reminds me of something. And I can't believe that it has been two years already. Wow. Time really flies. I went to that person's profile and I'm glad everything is good for that person. I don't really hate that person already. It just 'wow' me that it has been so long since I last listen to that person's voice and also the person's face from near. Of course I've met that person at other place after that. But it's not near. Somehow it just gives me weird feelings. I never thought that incident would happen. It happened and I just can't believe that it's been soooo longggg. =O And I never thought I could actually carry on my life so well without that person. I depend so much on that person that I lost control of everything when that person is gone. Now, I'm not anymore [=

It's already the 7th week of college. Half of the semester gone. Another final exam coming soon and I'm so not ready yet. Information technology and systems really suck and I'm kinda worried for that subject. Hmmm. Having Introduction to Organization and Management exam this thursday. Then on saturday, there will be an English summary writing. Oh goshh. All the best to myself ;)

Byee. Gotta go study for my exam d. =DD

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