Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad day

I guess today is an unlucky day to me. Woke up late as usual. Then, bro came back from school and mum told me he may be having chicken pox. My sis started avoiding him. And he, want to play people by touching her and everything. I followed him and mum to General Hospital to make sure if he's really having chicken pox. I follow because my mum asked me to? I don't know why she ask me to go also. Weird to me. I always wanted to ask the doctor one silly question. Why can't I grow taller. I really went to ask the doctor. My mum say the doctor will laugh at me. And yes. The doctor did feel suprised with my question. Haha. I know that is the silliest thing ever. I cannot not ask the doctor. The only chance to my question. Finally, the answer is not what I want to hear. Sigh. The doctor ask me how tall is my parents. I say my mum is about my height. There it goes. Doctor say.. Oh it's normal because your parents isn't that tall. And also you're now 18 years old already. It's hard for you to grow already. My only hope is gone now =( Bro is confirmed with his chicky pox =/ And he sleep in the same room as me. NOOOO! Bad i know. Pray nothing will happen to me

Night as usual I got yoga class with Pei Ying. Went to fetch her. Mum scold again. Sigh. She say go up her house hill will waste a lot of petrol. Gahh. I wasn't paying much attention already because of her scolding. So I drive the way I like. While listening to Autumn's Concerto songs. The movie song is stuck in my head already. Like super stuck.

Watching the movie makes me feel lonely. Maybe it is because I'm single for so long already that is why I got such weird feeling. I don't like it but I guess it'll go away soon. This feeling always happen whenever I watch some love movie. I've been reminded that everything that happen in movie is not real. I know it isn't real but I really love dreaming about it. Sound so funny to dream of something that is impossible =.=

Continue with yoga.. Fetch PY time i had to reverse to go out. Instead of pressing the brake I pressed the fuel one. The whole car move super fast behind. I think I didn't press the brake hard enough that made the car knocked into a motor behind my car. I was still blur. I didn't know I knocked the motor until I look at PY's face. The motor belongs to the guard =( I really wasn't paying attention. Sigh. I apologise to the man and he was so angry. He scolded me. I know I'm careless. I just apologise non-stop and drive away after he pull his motor up. While driving to the yoga place, I nearly bang into a car that was stopping in front of me =/ And the n when want to park my car tyre scratched the side of the road. OMG. I'm really sleeping that time. I don't know the scratch mark on the car happen because of me or it was there all along =( I really hope it's not my fault. The mark there is really deep

Watching Princess and The Frog now. It's so hard to find the chinese name of this movie. Sound weird right why I have to find chinese name of the movie. That is because I'm watching it using PPStream =D Chinese is the only word that can be seen. I found it at last and now time to watch movie. I know it's late but movies are nice plus the fact that I'm having a chicky pox bro sleeping in my room make me don't feel like sleeping at all. Night people. Movie time -.^

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Dad and Mum

Parents birthday just pass. Ughh. Time pass so fast and I'm so bored now. My movie finish already. No more interesting or nice movie to watch already. Autumn's Concerto is really a nice movie! I know the movie is kinda long ago. It's like last year's movie. I'm always that outdated. I am watching the movie again. Crazy already. Now watching it with english subtitles. Really nice movie! Hope there'll be a second part of the movie. It's really sad for it to finish like that. The ending is kinda rushy. I want the movie to continue and continue. Non stop.

My internet suddenly slow down a lot. It's like super slow. Sigh. I called TM people and they said the US cable or something like that got problem. They say about 2nd May only can finish repairing it. I told them other people can go in and everything why only mine cannot. Reasons banyak banyak =.= Even opening a website take like a few mins. Facebook also the same. Sooo long to open. I hate that.

Yesterday, went out with dad's friend for dinner. Eat steamboat at Butterworth. Dad's friend fetch us there with his new car from company. Nice car but kinda huge. Hope dad will get his old car which is much much better than his current car. Noisy engine =/ It's so expensive and the food is only some normal food. Not anything special. But the soup is really nice to drink. I only drink soup. Shake head. The rest of the food doesn't suit my taste. Those pig parts and things. So... Don't know how to eat. Wasted. Went to AEON after that. Walked around and then bought sardine puff to eat. The food can't make me full. Actually can say I didn't eat.

Enjoy the rest of the day! [=

Smile and smile [=

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quote of the day

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
I give back P1 W1max already. So sad. Streamyx is really so sloww. I'm trying to get used to it. I keep complaining to mum that she scolded me for rushing =/ Ugghhh. I know I always rush when I want to do something. I hate it when they say think first think first. Then they'll definitely forget about it. That is why anything to do with my family I have to ask them all the time. Like maybe every single day. If not, they'll never put it on mind. Sigh. Sometimes I really do things to rushy. I should stop the bad habit to prevent me from regretting. I have myself to blame for this. Hmm.

Satuday was fine. Stayed at home the whole day. I downloaded a game. It took about 1 day plus to finish downloading. Really so slow. I'm so into the game that I don't care about the people around me. About 4 something in the afternoon, P1 people came to my house area for roadshow. I really pity them cause no one actually walk near them and ask them anything. They don't even have a chair to sit and rest. All they do is stand and talk to each other. Luckily the weather that day isn't that hot. They were there until about 6plus. It started raining so they went back already. I wonder did anyone walk there and ask them. Hmm. At night, we wanted to go out for Domino's. The heavy rain stopped us.Then, dad asked me to call them to deliver it back. I was into game so I say I don't want. He went to the website and tried to order but because he was new so he has to fill in the forms and bla bla. Ended up, we go out eat. I hate going out during rainy days. So yucky =/

Today, dad wake me up for breakfast. Our breakfast is like 11 plus. =O Then his friend came. With his girlfriend. He's very funny. I can talk to him easily not like his other friends. Maybe because he's quite young so I feel normal talking to him. The whole time he was there I laughed non stop. Funny guy. Hmmm. He's like SOOO TALL. I feel so short standing beside him. Back to home, his friend teach him how to use Iphone =.= Sound so stupid to me. Seriously.. He keep complaining about the phone. I got a feeling he will let me use his phone and then well. Somehow exchange phone. Everyone in my family got a hp now. Before this, only dad, sis and I got hp. After buying mum a new hp, everyone got hp. Look like the house phone is gonna be lonely. Haha. Argues with dad. Then he say he don't want to buy me car already. Bla bla. Everytime I make him angry he'll take this matter out =.= Really irritating at times. Sigh. That is why I don't like to wait for them to buy me things. The main reason why I want to buy laptop using my own money [=

Just now, mum asked me how am I going to college. I say drive there and she say your dad say he doesn't want to buy you car already. I ask them don't break promise and then she say I break promise. I don't think I ever say I promise them anything. Gahh. Hate them at times. Why can't they just keep quiet?! I'm trying to be very patient and trying to chill. I feel I'll burst one day. *Chill chill*

Puffy bite me just now. I feed them with cucumber because Goldie eat cucumber super fast. Then, he'll take Puffy one away. Leaving Puffy with no food. Bad boy. I always scold him that =D

Climbing up to reach the cucumber up there

Stealing Puffy's cucumber again

Searching for more food =D

The first time I got a nice picture of him =D

Friday, April 16, 2010

I feel like cutting my hair short. Hmmm. Should I cut it? I know I'm only asking for fun. I can never cut it. Can't do it =/ Maybe I love my hair too much. I never cut it short before except when I was young =p That is not what I want. Parents cut one so.. I think I prefer long hair but the weather is really killing me. Sigh. Hot. Anyone wants to help the earth? trying to save the Earth but it's so hard. Hmmm

I'm still waiting for Tony to come and fetch me to P1tstop. I have to give back W1max already. Oh no. Back to the sloww Streamyx. *shake head* I'm so used to the 2.4mbps W1max that my current Streamyx speed is like tortoise. Ughh.

*He's a SLOW COUCH and always late*
*Shhh. He doesn't know this -.^ *

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Parents can be so annoying at times. Damnit.

Today I got scolded like million of times and also hear them mumble. Grrr. I hate it when they start disturbing me with their talkkkkkkkk.

Ok. I gotta chill now. Sigh. Pity my sister got scolded like crazy because i asked her to come and choose present for my mum =.=

Oh well. Then I should try to chill before i burst and scold them =/


i am finally updating my blog. miracle!! i know I've been ignoring my blog since like months ago.

I'm updating my blog with my new laptop -.^ so so so sorry to Dahling and Hung Mei. now you can read it already. It's gonna be full of words.

so now, I'm confirm going in to Penang TARC already. Now waiting for my car to come. Me new car =D Actually not really new it's secondhand car. I'm so happy cause I got a car, laptop and also GUINEA PIG.

Talking about my guinea pig makes me feel happy. =D They're the cutest thing on earth and I love them [= On the 13th of March, I got my first guinea pig. Her name is puffy. Then a few weeks later, I went to Ee Ling's house with I-Lyn to fetch my another guinea pig back. I-Lyn is the first person to sit in my car. As in my driving. Luckily I'm a safe driver =p Right, Lyn? =D I introduce the male one to the female one and in like less than 5 minutes he was making love with my Puffy already. Ee Ling, I-Lyn and I were watching them like...... He is sooooooo GATAL *shake head* I decided to name him Goldie cause he is kinda gold in colour.

This is their new house after I put those PVC pipe up [=

The black nose one is Puffy and the one behind is Goldie

Proceed to my laptop. My laptop reached my house when I was out. I reach home and ta-da. My laptop. Pink colour =D My favourite colour.

I work for London Weight Management. With I-Lyn. We reached there late. So yea... As usual le. Then, what we do is sit and sit. I wanted to approach the customer but end up sitting cause I don't know how to approach them. After lunch about 4 something, a girl came. She took our things then she start checking. We looked at her and then she say she's the supervisor =.= I was like okay we're so dead. She was there until we finish job. She say if we can't sell one voucher the company have to fire us already. So, forced to work. Stand til leg pain and she still don't want to go back. At the end of the day, she say tomorrow we don't have job already =O

After that, P1 W1max want to hire me. For PC Fair. So, I went for the training. I know 3 crazy people namely Kent, Tony, BGal (that's what Kent ask me to call him). They're very funny and I start to talk to them after awhile. Thanks to Kent now my name become Chanel. Start working on Friday. The job isn't easy. Standing there is really hard. Leg hurt. Back hurt too. Sigh. The first day I managed to sell one. I saw Eu Ern and Jimmy there. I smiled to Eu Ern and then Jimmy asked him LOUDLY, why you two didn't talk one. I was like =.= I didn't talk to him you also want to worry. Same goes to second day. Pei Ying start working on the second day =D Got friend already. We don't even have some time to eat. Every time we eat, Kent surely call and ask where are we and stuff. Grrr. Not blaming him. I know he's doing what boss asking him to do. Third day. Lots of people and I didn't wake up on time. I wanted to go bathe time Tony and Kent already waiting for me =/ So, I rush like crazy. Really tiring. Sigh. I managed to sell three on the last day. Kinda proud of myself but overall sales wasn't that good. Eat with boss and also all the colleagues. After finish eating, boss started scolding. Sigh. Most of them didn't manage to sell any. Somehow I feel it's really hard to do sales. But when I tried to pull customer in to P1 booth, the comment I got is P1 sucks, no line, got already, I want to terminate =.= This is the very common one. There's a girl. I think she loves hair band. Three days with hair band and the second day and last day with her super huge ribbon hair band. All she do is stand and smile. Guess what. She got the top sales for the last day!! She don't even ask customer. Luck is on her side. Sigh. No luck for all of us.

I just got bite from Goldie. He's a bad boy =( Bite me.

* I forgot the part that the Supervisor of London Weight Management ask me to go work for them back. She was there at PC Fair. She saw me then ask me work back and ppk P1 =/ *