Wednesday, January 13, 2010


guess what. i saw him with his gf. when i was on the way walking to work. he was walking the opposite direction. he saw me but he IGNORED me. plus he walk pass me without even looking! damn him. arghhh! hate him. ignore me. i stared at him!!! i hate him so much. ignore me. i regret knowing him! how can you ignore someone that you know? he ignored so many people. if he's blind i can forgive him. but he's not!! ARGHH. don't want to talk bout it already. he is STUPID. got gf already want to ignore me.

today all the buses are late. i think they woke up late. hmmm. all of them are pigs! =D luckily i'm not late for work. working already. bye

Monday, January 11, 2010

i'm having bad feelings. blogging from my office. my senior not here so i can go online. actually she doesn't care as long my work is done on time =D let's talk bout my feelings. i'm talking to this person. everytime i online i sure talk to him one. either he come and talk to me or i talk to him only. well, it feel normal talking to him of course. sometimes it reminds me of other things. i don't know why but maybe because they're related? or somehow there's just this very weird feeling. as if i'm talking to him. he even asked me a very weird question. maybe i'm having weird feelings after all. i don't know why i always have those feelings. it's kinda bad. the feeling of my heart got pricked by some sharp things, squeezed to hell. and sometimes the feeling is so bad that i feel like vomiting when i look at foods =.= i feel so stupid seriously. arghh!

my office is cold. freezing. today it's cold. usually i got no feeling. like no air cond. hmmm. i'm currently addicted to the song shuo huang and 第幾個100天.

hope my bad feelings will go away soon =/ bye. need to start working already