Sunday, August 23, 2009


UP! the movie is nice =D i know it's a kiddo movie but the cinema is FULL! i like the boy and the dog. talking dog. so cute. i wonder what will happen if reality there's a dog that can talk. i think i'll run away if there's a dog that can talk. the scenery in the movie is nice. especially the waterfall ^^ and the movie is super funny. laugh the whole movie

i like the bird. colourful =D

cute lil boy *pinch pinch*

Sunday, August 9, 2009

just a short post.

trials is just around the corner. i am so not ready yet. playing around, watching movie....... the list go on.... and the worse is i dream of someone. someone that i should not dream of. it's weird to dream of that person. i woke up feeling scared. i even dream i became FAT~! well the fact is i'm fat already but in my dream i'm fatter. i think obese already.. uuuhhhh. scary. i even dream of my friend commiting suicide. i'm having all weird dreams. i used to complain i can't dream when my friends tell me about their dreams. hmmm.

*never say you can't
*it will come true