Sunday, March 22, 2009

i didn't blog for so many days already. lots and lots thing to say. i think i shall shorten it. =) lazy type so much. i not yet even finish my homework! shhhh.... the essay! ish ish! i don't like that essay. stupid you!

friday, 20th of march 2009
pei ying came to my house. before that, i went to bank to change my bank account to another bank. but the damn bank is closed. sad. have to wait till the next holidays only got time already =( i reached home late. make peiying have to wait for me downstairs. paiseh! went upstairs and we start reading 'The Pearl'. finish up our presentation. and we sat there talk for i think 1 hour. then, we went downstaris. play badminton. i was perspiring so much already but she not yet even perspire. we continue playing for an hour i think. didn't look at the time. after that, we went up to take key to ride motor! =p it's fun. sadly the motor can't start. and both of us don't have such strength to carry to motor up to put the stand. when my mum came back, she asked an indian uncle help. he look at the battery then he look here and there. at last he can start the motor! pei ying and I was so happy. my mum ride one round then came back. i ride for a few rounds. when my mum went up, pei ying dare to ride already. i was so scared she'll knock into the car or fall. scary. but after riding a few rounds she's ok already. i'm proud =D i'm the teacher. after that, we went up and take my bicycle. we ride all the way up to the new block. when coming down, she was so fast. it reminds me of my brother. that time when he got accident because he ride to fast coming down from the hill. i keep shouting. ask her to slow down. i'm seriously scared. after that, we ride to penang hill. took pictures there. lazy upload. so i shall upload next time =) pei ying went back about 6 something. that's the end

saturday, 21st of march 2009
today is Flag Day. we ( jing min, pei ying, me, cynthia, june and kah mei) follow jing's car to pulau tikus area. it was raining so everything is wet! yucks. i hate it. luckily i brought umbrella. we walk around asking for donation. june was so semangat she went under the rain just to get donation from the passer-by. some was kind some will say they already donate. after 1 hour plus there i think, we walked to the gurney area. went into the coffee shop to ask for donation. there's one uncle he was good. i wanted to ask donation but i scared he won't give. so i did not. when i walk pass he was holding and folding a RM5 note. so i thought maybe ask. he really want to donate that RM5. he thought i don't want collect from him. thank you uncle =) we walked till the last coffee shop then we walked all the way to gurney. on the way, pei ying and I found 2 bucks on the floor. so we picked it up and put in the donation tin. we sat in front of secret recipe for a while. then went in McD to have my breakfast. we sat there for quite long. gosip. fun. we played truth too. after that, jing and kah mei went to change clothes. kah mei super sexy owh. =p we walk and walk finding present for ze and also jo. *what to buy* after that, noel come already. so june go away d. left jing, cyn, py and me. we walk. and walk. no direction. then jing's mr teh came already. so left py, cyn and me. we went down buy 1901 hot dog cause py not yet eat. after that, we sat down and talk till 12 something. bomberman is here. *that's what my friend call him* bomberman is eu ern =.= sat there till 12.49 we went up watch 'race to the witch mountain'. nice movie. we fetched me back to hq. saw june n noel. noel said i'm lansi =( paiseh ler. i'm like that eh mer. =/ i walked to chung hwa. they followed my back. it's so weird! that's all. oh. i forgot. bomberman gave me a present. my 'breaking dawn'! thank you so much eu ern. that's the end.

need to eat my brunch and continue my homework before i die! bye!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

joalin's birthday party suprise is fun. lots of suprise happened. we reached early. sat there. damn hot. we went to the beach and played a while. then i start eating cause i'm superb hungry. eat twisties cause hungry. wow right? haha. wei wanted to go to toilet so me and becky followed her there. we walk all the way to paradise hotel for the toilet. luckily the guard there let us pass =D on the way there, we saw jo. her bf did not tell us they're coming already. so it end up not really a suprise =/ when we came back from toilet we wanted to pull jo to the water. she don't want to move =( we have to pull her all the way down. she's only bit wet. so we keep pulling n pulling. she ran away but i can chase her. wakakakkka! *crap i feel bad. i'm crying not bcos of jo's thing* after playing for hours we went for a bath. in an old yucky place. eewwww! and 1 buck for bathing. the place is so dirty and they ask for 1 buck. ish! waste of money. after tat. cake time! cake for jo =) we went back for a bath then went out again for pizza. =) yummy. i got scolded by my mum and then i was so angry i drink a lot of carbonated drinks. then mushroom soup pop in front of me. thanks to eu ern. i just only knew. we took a group pic =) wait i forgot to mention. wei's house the lobby there lots of cockroaches. we're like jumping around but becky is so cool! she got no reaction. weird weird. haha

berry, eu ern, nikki, jimmy, joalin, soon wei, me =)

hmmm. i feel better after saying thank you. i thank him for the break up. i'm weird. really! i just feel i'm weird. that's all. i got the answer now. although my heart did break a bit when he said he on with her already but. i still have to wish him all the best. i think that's all i can say. why think so much when there's so many option in front of me? why think of the one that already don't want you and break your heart already? am i right? =) wei xiao pasta reminds me of xiao yi xiao mei se me da bu liao de =) keep smiling. i just have to remind myself that. life is fun. and seriously i'm enjoying it. i wonder why he so suka have gf? oh well. none of my business i guess=D i got the answer. curious. oh oh oh well....he keep wishing me all the best. i will seriously go crazy. grrr! this post is green cause it has something to do with him. so it's green which is his colour. i think =D

this is about wei and joalin. both of them keep on wishing me luck! gosh. i'm really so so so bahagia! so many ppl wish me luck n best but i'm here complaining. hahaha. weird right? i'm always weird i guess. bye ppl. it's late =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

yes! today i'm going out. nose bleeding. scary =( erm. now at soon wei's house! hahhaha. she's currently changing clothes. but she lazy so i'm gonna help her change later. cool right? kakakaka. i love her dog. but he like to lick me. becky is combing her hair. i still remember last time i was combing my hair so i ask wei help me reply my message. then she go type i'm bombing my hair instead of combing my hair. the receiver was shocked! hahhaha. her dog is in here now. and becky is screaming 'NO!' funny k. hhahhah. will continue the story after this. jo's bf frens is fetching us later. paradise beach =]

yesterday was relay for life. i spend the night out. on motor. round nearly the whole penang. i reach youth park at 6. i was so blur. everyone is wearing purple shirt except for me. weird huh? i wait for pei ying to come. after that, we just sit and talked. at bout 9 something i went back. cause my hp no battery d. want to charge hp. and 14 of march is my sis's birthday. so went back sing a birthday song for her. i not yet buy present for all of them! sob sob. i wan cry d. later on, i go back to youth park at about 11 something. then, we sat there for a few hours. at 2a.m. we went out. go eat nasi beratur =D cool name. after that, we plan to go to beach. so ride all the way to paradise beach. reached there. the place was seriously so dark. they don't dare to go in. cause we don't have torch light. i can't even see a thing. super dark. i want to go and look at sunrise. but the whole thignnwas cancelled. oh well. that's about it. reach youth park i went to play swing. was so tired so i slept. for a few hours. =( about 10 something went back, go makan McD. fat fat =D slept in car on the way back home. then, i did not sleep till the next day 12! haha.

Friday, March 6, 2009

harlo!!!!!! there's this guy wrote about me in his blog. i don't know his name. but i know he's eunice's friend. it's so weird he wrote about me. but i know. my story before this is a bit erm. stupid. he wrote about me but i don't know what to write about him. at least there's something about him. i want to know him in person. it's cool to know someone like that =D

talk about 2/3/2009.
i went to gurney. wanted to watch 'love matters' but it's 18 and above. tried to went in but that idiot human don't let me and pei ying go in. he want to check our IC. i told him i forget to bring and he say he can't let me in. so he changed to another movie for us. erm. 'kung fu chef' quite nice the movie. then, while the idiot guy stop us from goin in. i saw him. with that GIRL! he walked in and i saw someone i knew. i turn and saw him. he saw me too but he walk too fast can't smile. but somehow i don't feel anything. i mean i've been wondering how to face this situation for so long. i saw him and my reaction is nothing. no actually i feel a bit geram. but i think that feeling only last for a while. i enjoyed my day as usual. his existence with that girl did not make me feel moody or sad or what i feel before this. i'm PROUD =P

EXAMS coming!!!!!!!!!!! and i'm dying. it's just another 3 more days. and i'm here blogging. can't study. the gina'ssss very noisy. grrr. don't like them here. make me can't study. i must work hard this time. i must not get bad results!!!!!!!!!!! i must try to get at least A2 for all the subject. no, must get 70 and above. must not get 60!!!!!!!! arghh! work harder! GAMBATE GUAT PHING! you can do it =) i'm talking to myself. all the best to myself