Monday, June 8, 2009

am i really that useless? they want to use my things they should ask my permission first what. they take without asking. want to wait till she go bus only tell me is it? some people really.... speechless. they're wrong but still don't want to admit they're wrong. they still feel that they take already only ask only correct. she say i wear her clothes. ok i don't wear. NEVER TOUCH HER CLOTHES! if she ever touch mine then i will surely say her. you idiot! want me to die then kill me le. so scared for what. your own husband want me to die why must i kill myself? ask him kill me ler. i don't have any sins. he got only what. why want kill myself when there's so many fun things for me in this world? you all will REGRET for treating me like this. you WILL! oh. i asked him can come out or not cause i was so sad just now. wanted to go somewhere. end up sitting here =.=

today colour guard is quite ok. everything goes well. no more all those bad bad things happening. so i am kinda happy. should be not going tomorrow thanks to THEM! never mind i will rest at home. very long i didn't rest already. school homework. didn't even touch it. cool!

i don't know why i feel that i am stupid. and how to trust a person? can someone tell me? i mean it's like i trust this person but at last end up hurting my friend. i thought that person will treat my friend very good. i see from the way that person treat my friend. look so good and everything but end up that person lied. go have fun first then only come back. how clever....i am wrong for trusting that person. that person is just the same. same species.i wonder how many things they are keeping from us. i think they are happy hurting people's feelings. i got this case. a guy that marry already. got a kid and a pretty girl. that guy is about 30 years old plus already. he want to chase a 20plus girl. age difference is not a matter but the guy is MARRIED. how can he do that? he even got a kid already. and a pretty wife. wtf. really no brain this kind of people. i hope that girl know how to think. don't destroy their family. think of the kid.

*i will try not to think about it anymore*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

change of plan. i did not go out with sophia that day. hmm. again. we can't meet. that means i didn't drink. =.= busy with colour guard prac nowadays. dark already =( sad. i see problems now. hope it will be ok soon. i'm so tired. everyday prac. i can feel muscle already. muscular hand. scary!

yesterday it's 6/6. went out with pei ying after my tuition. we went to QB. before that, i reach early so i walk with my parents first. i don't know if it's him or not. i think i kinda saw him. the hair style and face is so like him. but the banner block his face and he is like the opposite side. i feel that my eyesight is getting worse nowadays. =/ i don't dare to go there and see. i don't know what to do if it's really him. and i'm sure my mum will ask me lots of ques. tried clothes. all like shit. who ask me can't grow taller. so short wear any clothes also look ugly. oh well..

i want to ask him. but i don't know should i or not. he took my quiz in facebook. got the highest among my friends. he know me more than my friends. hmmm. weird. he only know me for like 2 months only. actually less than that. i kinda miss him. i don't like the feeling. gonna remove it. i need a removal to remove all this things. bad bad thing. my love quote is "hold me tight and never let go". the quiz that i took in facebook. 突然好想你 =(
*pray that everything goes well*