Thursday, June 26, 2008


ok. i know i'm crazy=p erm, i think some of them know why i'm so happy. right? well, if they do read my blog. i know i haven't blog for quite a long time d. like i've disappear. i just feel lazy to blog. hols is as usual over very fast. i got lots of pic to post up. this is all the pic i took during the 2 weeks holiday. fun fun fun. love holiday. after that, there's mark. arghhh. i'm just so disappointed with most of my marks. i feel..... oh god. the pics is not working. yay. it's working. i'm feeling real sleepy and the pictures are playing me. it's already about 1 a.m. and i have to go to school tomorrow. aaahhh. who cares

he look like he's gonna eat someone

tired face after the long queue just to buy ice cream

baskin robbins! the ice cream. after it melts

what does this remind you of? pastamania? actually it's nando's =p

a bit blurred. still can see our face

us again. in secret recipe waiting for.

tada! chocolate indulgence. our trademark. just jk

the ship can ask for help. but the meaning is the most important

look at the card. i love it =)

his bed =p

his room on his bed =]

i know you all are bored of my face.

bread. we toast it. and also as the last pic for this post

today is already the 27th of June. time is moving faster than i thought it would. my mum say thweek the time is like moving slower than usual. she wants the time to move faster so that i'm older and she can rest. =( i don't want. i don't want to be old and i don't want to be young. if i'm old, there's a lot of things that i can't do anymore. if i'm too young, my mum would not let me date a guy =(

i think it's really late already. i should sleep right now. if not i'll be sleepy tomorrow. night everyone.

P.S. i'm on his bed doesn't mean anything. DO NOT THINK NONSENSE