Friday, April 25, 2008

feeling sad

i don't know why but i'm sad. he say he is going to australia after finish studying. i cried. i don't know why. but the tears just come out by itself. weird right? i feel that i really cry a lot. feel like a baby. i should be happy he's thinking about the future. but i don't want him to go so far. it's very very far. =( i said i want to go to KL after form 5. for college. i'm not sure about it yet. that is if i get scholarship. then i'll be in college. if not i have to study form6. haih. why is life so difficult. i just wish that i don't have to think about anything. be a baby. cry and what i want will come true. easy life isn't? if i'm sad then he'll not go. if he don't go, then he'll be wasting about a year waiting for me to finish my college. i can't be that selfish. but i really don't like the feeling of saying bye bye to him. haih. to my darling. sorry. i'm being selfish. i'm a bad girl.

today is my dad's birthday. made him a card and his present is i don't know. i just woke my sis up. she's buying him a pen tomorrow. hahaha. i'm so bad. =p luckily she's not that blur yet.
i'll end it here with this picture of myself.

suddenly feel like take pic. see my calculator?

i feel so much better now. i MUST let him go. DO NOT feel sad and make him don't want to go. i know i can make it. if he really love me he won't do anything wrong towards me. well, i think so. he's still a guy =]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tagged by joalin and wei

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-fact number I-
i love my darling

-fact number 2-
i'm a lazy girl. love my bed

-fact number 3-
i want to read people's mind

-fact number 4-

i love rabbit and puppy

-fact number 5-

i'm sick right now

-fact number 6-
i want to be taller and thinner

-fact number 7-
i hate school. i want to have freedom.

-fact number 8-
i want to remain every single person that's in my life now

i won't tag anyone =) because i think everyone been tagged already. i don't mind if anyone wants to tag me

sick =(

i'm sick! i went to school. and everything was ok. pj teacher asked me a question that is real hard! i can't answer it. haih. then, before recess i was really very hungry. so i drank water to keep me from feeling too hungry. luckily today we went for the first recess. after eating, i felt even more pain. i drink some hot soup but it doesn't work anymore. i went up to class and pack my things for history. i can't pack. it's so painful. but i still have to pack. after packing i'm really in pain. so i called my mum. and guess what! she say she'll come fetch me at 12. i called her that time it was 11. my tummy is killing me and she ask me to wait until 12. how nice of her. by the time she reach. my tummy felt better already. she asked me this and that. when i reached home, i didn't bath. i straight away jump up my bed and slept. i just finish having my lunch. my flu and throat is still in a bad condition =/

yesterday is my mum's birthday. nothing special happen. oh! my dad send my mum a message. hahaha. in the message is happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday DARLING. hahaha. not as if i don't receive that kind of message ler. i don't know that my dad knows this things. my mum keep smiling. hahahaha. at least she's happy. we we
nt to TGI on saturday to celebrate my mum's birthday. i wanted to ask them to sing a birthday song to my mum but my dad don't allow me. so i can't. i feel so full. but my sis, as usual ate everything. after that, my dad is not in a good mood. before going out, he's in a bad mood too. he scolded me because i wear high heels =/ i don't see why i shouldn't wear it. i was angry then, when i got home i asked my mum. if he don't like me to wear high heels then why he have a daughter. my mum did not reply me. she just keep repeating have daughter have daughter have daughter. i got fed up so i went in. i did a card for my mum birthday. hahaha. it's ugly! i don't think my mum care =p

i'm having flu. can't type much. pictures can tell more than wha
t i type here

it's supposed to be a suprise cake. but my sis n bro told my mum =(

ugliest card ever =p

me and the birthday women (mum)

me and my dad at TGI

Saturday, April 19, 2008


sorry joalin. late already and i feel tired and sleepy already. so i shall tag next time =p i have lots of history to complete so, i don't know when i'll on my com again.

musical drama

as usual, i'm lazy to on the computer and blog =) today is PC fair! i want a camera. but my dad say he don't have any money already. arghhh. i wish my parents is richer. then, i won't be having any problem buying anything i want. there's this musical drama. performed by my school students. well, i'm not involved =] obviously. i went to watch the drama. just only came back. it's quite expensive. 20 bucks. i like the 30 bucks ticket. i'll show why i love 30 bucks ticket more

this is why i like 30 bucks ticket. =]

than 20 bucks ticket =] they say it's for the cancer patient. so, i think it's quite worth it even though it's boring. i ended up going out from the hall and went in his car. the last 15 minutes. then, there's this motorcycle. he keep riding back and forth. we were so damn angry! i think he have too much money for his petrol. but in the middle of the play, there's someone that's playing with their laser. they're so damn bad. when they play with it, the rest of the crowd laugh. i feel bad for the people that's performing in front. they must feel real hurt. even i'm sitting behind, i can feel the pain. i think they must be even worse. then, he met his friends there. start talking to them about how's the movie and the singing, band and etc. they say the singing is bad. no offence. but i sort of feel hurt. well, it's still my school right? the drama finish at about 10. 05 p.m. i follow rebecca back. her dad come real late. quite ler. about half hour later, so i get to talk to him awhile. =) we were like telling each other who we know. then the teacher's i hate. after that, haha. i know that we're bad. we start criticizing the people that pass us. about they dressing, shoe and ..... i'm not that good in dressing things. my mum always say i'm out of fashion =( but i can see some people that really look pretty. i'm used to look at them in pinafore. seeing them in other clothes is kinda weird. there's this guy. he wear a shoe that's really funny. hahaha. i don't like that shoe. i don't mean to criticize him but i really don't like to look at time wearing that shoe. even my own brother is wearing that. i don't understand what they see in that weird shoe. my shoe is nicer =p

look at the white pants guy shoe. i hate that shoe. i think he should learn from his friend =)

joalin's hardwork. and wasting of ink =)

look at the insects! it's so. i feel so itchy looking at it. scary!

my mum take care of gina's. then, there's one day, i'm scared of insects. and the fake insects look real. then, tis lil boy he took the big black ones and throw it at me. i shouted. and he laugh! i was so angry. then, the lil girl took the fake insects and throw it at me. i scolded her. and everytime she is about to come near me, she must put down the insects =)

i took this picture yesterday. not a nice pic =]

suddenly, i feel like taking picture. so this is the result when i feel like taking picture. it's an ugly pic.

my name on my leg

did this in school. feel bored. and i have 4 chapters of history to finish due this tuesday!!!!! i'm going crazy but i can sit here and do this. hahaha.

and about the singaporean. they! arghhh. they cancel my name, mama's and also cyn's. we wait until 3.30 p.m. for that. and then, she came and tell us that we're not in anymore. i feel so paiseh and stupid. i feel like killing them!!!!! she said she wrote the message on board. then, our teacher is teaching and i don't feel like going out again. so we decided to find for her the next day. she did not go to school. so this is what happen when you put too much hope on something. i was thinking.. at last~!. i get to go in the airport. but.... i know i'm weird. never go in airport and sit aeroplane.

that's all =] i should continue my history maybe tomorrow =] hope i won't be lazy to on the com again.

Monday, April 14, 2008

i went to ze house yesterday. i wake up at 8. and then i eat some biscuits while listening to songs. i get ready at 9. i wake my mum up and she wants to sleep. she's very very tired i think so. cause yesterday she slept at 12 something nearly 1. she can't sleep late. she don't want to wake up but luckily, the phone rang. someone wants to talk to her. i really thank that person for waking her up =] my mum ask my dad to follow her go and then have breakfast. that time it was already 9.15 a.m. already. i was so mad cause my dad still doesn't want to brush his teeth. i shouted at him. not really shout ler. i said i'm late already. that's why i'm angry. when i reach ze house it's about 9.30 plus only. and no one reach yet. i don't know why i rush also. haha. pei ying and june reach ze's house about 10 something. we rest awhile then start cleaning her house. not really clean ler. it's just hold the broom and take a pic. i forgot about the reason i go to her house. we want to take pictures of us doing kerja amal. it's for moral. after that we start doing our essay. before that, we play mahjong. a chinese game. i want to play. i asked my mum to buy. i'll wait for it. i'll beg till she buy it for me =] before doing essay, we have some mushroom soup. it's instant mushroom soup so it's not that nice. some weird smell. but still. mushroom soup is always yummy. we started doing the essay, halfway through it we decided to cook spaghetti. haha. i feel hungry talking about spaghetti. i didn't eat anything for lunch. before cooking it, we went in ze's room. june go crazy and pull everyone to bed. haha. she tickle everyone. then, we tickle her back. she's dangerous. she use her leg and kick everyone there. haha. after that, we cook spaghetti.

let's look at some pictures =)

the meat for spaghetti

future housewife cooking (ze)

i'll ask for the pillow fight pictures from. i don't know who has the pictures. after eating, we head to GP. ze's erm, someone fetch us there. i can go up the car without knowing who is that. xp not as if he can do anything to me. but i'm in a car without knowing who's driving it. =) we reached there nearly 2 pm. we decided to watch awake. but we don't even know what movie is that. hahaha. we bought children's ticket. haha. luckily we look like a children. u know. small size and everything. hahaha. actually i'm not small size. is i'm short. hahahaha. i lazy post up the pictures. next time. watching the movie near the ending, june went out. noel is there. she wanted to meet him. so we watch without her. after that, she called wehn the movie finished. she said she's at A&W. so, we went there. she sat there without ordering anything. keng right? haha. after that, she ran away again when saw him pass. ze followed her. so only left me and pei ying. after about 10 to 15 minutes, pei ying and me went up to meet ze. she asked us not to come out cause she wanted to drink the root beer. haha. we told her that we drank finish d. haha. she was sad =) she really love the root beer so much =p three of us bought the same thing. it's nice.

before opening.

nice right? after i open. haha

after buying the hp case, we went to secret recipe. we ordered oreo cheese and chocolate indulgence. after that, we crossed the road and went to the beach side =)

look at the sea. it's so dry. me n ze =) and then, the sky!

another sky! hahaha.

after that, we went back to GP. i bought something for my mum. it's a perfume. it smells nice =) after that, ze dad reach already. i followed ze back then about 8 my mum fetch me. then we went to midlands for the popular sale. at last! my mum bought for me harry potter story book =] gif my mum a kiss. after that, we went for dinner and went back. i was so tired and straight away fall asleep. that's all for 13/04/08.

today came back from school. there's bio topical test. i think i fail the test already. i can't remember a single thing i read =( i know i'm in big problem. and there's this singaporean coming. this wednesday. my friend and i are escorting them to everywhere they want to go. i sat in front of computer since 3 already. hahaha. mum start nagging already. haha. =] he's here already! hahaha.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

well. this is my second blog already. i'm really disappointed. i just post up a poll. tell me what is all of you all definition of a true friends. i really hope i can know what is the real definition. i got a friend. i know - since std 2. and that is when - make me cry. i can't remember what happened that time. it's something that's very bad. i still remember i hide under the teacher's table and cried. it's so embarrassing. i decided to forgive -. and we were best friends. and then, now this happen. - did something that i'll call as backstabber. maybe - think it's not but i don't think - definition about backstabber is same like everyone. i have no comments about - anymore. just hope - will change =) if - still the same i'll not say anything about it anymore.

so there is love. i have friends and i have lover. i don't know how to say it. it's just a stupid arguments. i don't understand why u know. guys don't know how to read girls mind =( is this how all couples go through? i guess it is ler. i can't think of anythin right now. i'll post up soon. i just came back from KL. and i'm still left behind. KL trip is from 3rd-6th of april. it was fun. spending more times with all my friends. i really have fun. hahaha. i hope the trip will never end. love it so much. love spending times with all my friends. they're just so wonderful. and also my beloved hubby. he's the best.