Friday, April 10, 2009

i'm at home. alone! woohoo! my mum lecture me. hate it. i must make sure i study hard so that she can just keep her mouth up. she like to compare me with other people. if i'm clever then don't have to compare already what. stupid mia. i on the song loud loud so that i can't listen to her =p i was so angry so i don't want to follow them out to eat. hehe. i must make sure i study hard so that she'll just keep quiet and let me do what i want. i stay at home and eat chocolate. all because of them!!!! don't wanna eat the chocolate eu ern gave cause it's too nice =D so ate other chocolates. i wanna buy kinder bueno. it's cheap!! 3 for only 5 something i think. i realise i eat lots of chocolates this year. don't care fat or not ler. chocolate is yummy. make me feel happy. oh. they ask my grandma call me. ask me what i want to eat. babi people. don't know how to ask me r. ask grandma. babissss!must not angry because of this.

pei ying came to my house today. we played badminton. for 2 hours! cool but tomorrow muscle sure pain. before that, we went to buy presents. we still owe ze her present =/ ishh. one month plus already. and all those sorry for the late pressie. hehe. monday having badminton competition. i know sure no hope already. they play us. let us play with the pro ones. NOT FAIR! i guess nothing is fair in this world. crap! thunder.... =/ tomorrow is a school-ing day. prefect not in school. after school, py and me did something. then a form 1 student came to us and ask me if i'm from sggs. i ask her why. then she say you're not supposed to bring this. i said after school already what so what... she said she's a prefect then i just walk away. stupid ler. if she's really so semangat of the school rules then she should not take off her name tag after school! wait till in car or reach home only take off. this kind of ppl really no brain. form1 only dare to say me. not even prefect wanna lie and say. think i'm stupid is it. form 1 got prefect? nonsense.

chemistry folio. must must must finish up today! i hope so. i got a feeling i cant finish it. hehe. do my best ba =)

*study study*

Monday, April 6, 2009


now my dahling (eunice) is playing april fool with me when it's not april fool. she used eu ern's name cause it's her first and her last name. u can see what she wrote in my chatbox under eu ern's name =/
ish ish ish! i was so down the whole day. yucks. i nearly cried too. wonder why i do.... bad sign bad sign.
dahling please dont play that next time. did u know lolly nearly cry. i was thinking how eu ern can write it when he's not even at home. and everything doesn't make sense. now that i know the truth it makes sense already =D
everything is fine =)

py and me went to tourism club. full of erm.......... i shall skip the part. the activity was super fun but the environment is =/ oh well. lots of work and because of the chatbox thing i'm here blogging. it's good right? my hubby (cynthia) is still sick. she didn't come to school today. aiks. make wifey (me) miss hubby only. hehe

last weekend was busy. saturday i slept at 1.30 am and woke uo at 4.30 am. cause cheng beng. woohoo! was so tired after that. went home slept. my phone seriously is so stupid. ish! i hate it. saving money to buy a new one maybe. i keep tell myself i should appreaciate what i got. i can't do it. *it's a present so you should not expect more than that* keep on reminding myself. ughh. bye people

enjoy life to the fullest =)

*study study*