Wednesday, May 27, 2009

one more day left~! i'm not studying. spend the whole day sleeping and sms. haha. when i came back i expect my hp to be like no message at all. i on my hp and there's 7 messages for me to reply. i was suprised but i did not receive message from the one i expect to receive. nahh. ignore that. i kinda expect that already. it's okay. life still goes on. my heart is crying but i can't cry.

the plan to go out tomorrow is successful~! last minute plan. haha. pei ying and I was sms-ing. then, she say her sis wanna go redbox so i said i wanna go too. then the plan came in. i'm going after my tuition. sleepin over at her house. =D going to Gurney watch night at the museum 2. enjoy after exams. weee~! i'm looking forward the coming holidays. it'll be a very very busy holiday. after 2 years, i'm busy again during holiday. oh. i bought my prom dress already. guess how it look like =p i like the white one but i really look like i'm going to marry in it. so i did not buy that.

this coming saturday i'm going out with sophia. first time going out with her. excited. going out to drink. i don't know where is that place but i think i can guess it.
going to talk about our problems. i wonder what happen to her. i don't like the feeling when other ppl is in trouble. i feel sad too.

*not thinking of him, trying to ignore him*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

feeling stupid

my hubby is beside me right now.. haha...we going to be in the ROOM later... ONLY two of us..sound wrong? yes i'm les =D no one will believe it i think. haha.

well. i'm down now. as usual. i hate those feelings. i wanna ignore it but i can't. i need to find a way to make me delete all those... i shouldn't ask that ques. now i make myself down when exams still going on. i'm seriously.... useless? i think i am....i wanna shout. i wanna enjoy. my brain is not functioning. can't study. i wanna go out till late at night. who can follow me? hantu =.= i don't know what to post. will update when i feel like it.

*i wanna enjoy my holiday without thinking of that*

Friday, May 1, 2009

hi ppl. i don't know why my mood is so damn good now. i feel happy. feel like smiling the whole day. hope later on nothing will spoil my mood. it's labour day. so Happy Labour Day to the workers. enjoy your day ^^

now someone spoil my mood. ughh. why is he lying to me? babi. i should not care so much. he got NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! *keep on remind myself tat* =( feel a bit hurt. i guess i'm kinda used to it already. everything will be ok after this. woohoo! don't think about it. think other things. like going out today=) i shall just chat with him as a normal friend. must not expect that he will change. haleluya! i make myself gone too deep.

georgian fiesta. he brought chocolates. a box of ferrero rocher in a pink love box. the school is full of people. so damn hot eh. the place is like in microwave oven. you can see everyone's clothes wet. haha. about 1 pm went to prangin with jo n wei. walk till 4 something. fetch wei back home and then we went to queensbay. EE meet us there. and he have to pay for everything i buy that day. wakakaka! cool right. i know i'm bad. who ask him to lie to me? lalala. then we went back. he fetch me back. and he bought a bouquet of flowers for me =.= 9 pink roses with a pair of bear on top of it. i already know he is going to give me that. i just act suprised. and when reach home i rejected his flower. he is forced to take it back cause i say my mum will kill me if i bring it back. haha. we talked in the car for about 10 minutes plus. i told him why i don't want to accept him. i think he understand already now.

now my mum don't let me go out eat with jimmy =.= she say it's my bf. she don't believe i say it's jo bf! gosh. kek khi. never mind. i don't care about that part. now making ppl geram. this is so fun! =p

*study study*