Saturday, July 25, 2009

boo. it's been quite long since i last update. i sleep at 3 am and woke up at 7.30 am. and i'm still quite energetic now. can't be hyper. go botanical garden jog. and eat mint and chocolate ice cream. make pei ying and eunice jealous =p early in the morning eat ice cream. then went to pulau tikus market eat and bought DOUBLE BERRY organic biscuits. YUMMY! i suddenly feel bad. weird huh? i don't even know why i feel bad. i wanted to write something but i feel bad. never mind. i shall just write what i feel. my dahling will understand who i'm writing about. =)

there's this person. i shall name it 'IT'. IT is annoying. not to say super annoying but still annoying =/ IT like to tell me about IT life. i mean i don't want to know and i'm not interested. IT keep on telling me about things i don't wanna know. true we have nothing to talk and message about so yea. IT will tell me about IT's daily routine since we have nothing to say. yesterday my cous called. and she say you'll feel that person concern about you when you like that person. well. it's true. not gonna continue =D

i got lots in my head but suddenly it's all gone.

it's the end already. and i guess you are enjoying your life now. i'm happy to know you already move on. but what hurt me the most is you can't even remember me. how can you forget about me that fast? i still wonder how they do that. i want to learn. i delete all the pictures already. except for the group picture. that will be a very memorable picture. you use a very lame reason to stop messaging. that is the end of another sub chapter of my life. i will tell you the truth one fine day.

i just realise i didn't talk to someone for a very very long time already. didn't even saw you. are you still in penang? didn't see you online for so long. hmm. i think you and your girl must be very happy.

there's another annoying person. but i don't want to talk about that person. lazy =) bye...

i wish i didn't say that*
no use regretting*