Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is how my new car look like. Love it. Thanks Dad and Mum.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is going to be a short post. I said I won't online anymore. STUDY! [= I'm so happy these few days. I love it and hope the feeling will last forever. It's 14th today. 1 month Time flies. It passes so fast. I didn't realise that. I don't want time to pass so fast.

And the sad thing is I cried because of that person. That person wants to know why I cry but I don't know how to tell. It is because of something that person said. It definitely shows that person still misses or loves the ex. Out of so many surname in this world and that person chose that. I don't think I think too much. I guess there must be more than 100 surnames in the world? Why that? The feeling gets stronger and I can feel it. But deep inside who knows what that person is thinking about.

I am still happy and I will remain that happy. I felt it already and I guess it doesn't matter that much already if in the future that person doesn't choose me. The feeling is there and I know it [=

I never said this to that person. And I don't dare to. I'll say it here
I am falling for you

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tear drop because of that person. How can I fall so fast? =( I'm scared. I want to ask that person but I can't. Must be confident! Things will go the way I want it to be I guess if another person didn't come back. If that person go back to the previous life, then it is me being stupid.

Assignments to be done by this week and I haven't start writing my essay =/ No idea how to write. I have to start from the beginning. I'll have to imagine then. Imagination ;) I imagine too many things. [=

I'm falling for you but you don't know and i don't think you have feeling towards me
=] Control

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I just realise there's a lot of homework and assignments to be done and I'm super lazy. Why?? Aaahhhhh. I know why. Interviewing people should be fun I guess. New experience. Something that I might enjoy =p I hope the owner of the shop I'm going to interview is a nice person. I don't want to deal with owners who is moody and not friendly one. One assignments to be passed up by next next week. And that time, I'll be having my first microeconomics exam. It's just a small exam but it's scary to have my first exam in college. Another new experience [= My hubungan etnik assignment is stupid. I suddenly don't know how to find points for that topic. It's so complicated and I think it's easy to be out of topic =O I'll faint if I get bad marks for that assignment.

Mum been asking who I text with so much lately. Didn't I text that much before this? Hmmm... I don't feel any difference. I always text that much and some of the people I used to text with everyday stopped texting me already. And it's taken over by a new person. So what is the difference? One go and one come. Isn't it the same? Maybe I don't reply people as often as now. I used to ignore people messages before this and I only reply the person who I feel like replying =p The rest of them will have to wait till I'm in a good mood then I'll reply. Why am I talking about this? =.=

My feelings are becoming weird. Unexplainable. Complicated too I feel. I don't know why but I just feel it's kinda complicated. Things go until this stage but no action is taken. And also I don't know that person's feeling too. What I thought is true might be wrong. I never feel so not confident about someone feeling towards me. Am I thinking too much? They told me I should just go with the flow. But I don't want to get too deep then end up get hurt. The feeling will be so bad. ='( I love hanging out with that person. It feels weird not to see that person for a day. Yet it feels sad when I don't know what is going to happen. I don't have the slightest idea about the future. I want to ask God about my future. How do I do that? Thinking of the impossible things =/

Assignment and homework time. College life isn't that easy =/ But I still love it.