Sunday, November 14, 2010

My wii =( It's gone now. I made a deal with dad. If my bro get 5A's in his UPSR, he buy us Wii. Now there's no more Wii cause my bro did not get 5A's. Ughh! I thought he can get it. But well, I guess he made some mistakes during the exam or he wasn't concentrating. Sighh. I feel so sad. My dad go rent Wii from his friend for us to play this holiday. I mean their holiday. Lol. No holiday for me =/ So, I'll be enjoying Wii till end of this year. =D

I'm working nearly every weekends now. Finding money to shop!! Shopping is my life ;) It's been so long since I last shopped. Can't wait to shop again. Shoes is the best. I prefer buying shoes than clothes somehow. I don't know why I just have more passion for shoes than clothes. Maybe because most of the clothes doesn't suit my size. So I prefer buying shoes cause most of it suits me. But there's one bad thing too. My leg is too small. Kinda hard to find my size =.= Seems like everything is hard for me. Lol. I should grow more. Aiyaa. I should be satisfied already.

Accounts presentation tomorrow! And I haven't even get ready for it yet. Lol. Discussing now. Byee.

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