Friday, November 19, 2010

Next week is a busyyyy week. Ughh. Two exams. Which is IT and Accounts. I sure die =/ IT is hard. I hate studying IT. Somehow it doesn't attract me. Sigh. I hope I don't screw up my CGPA because of IT. Here I come IT ;) I will master you. And delete you right after the exam is over. Lol. I just realise nearly everyone is having holidays now. My friend from other college having their finals soon already. Which means their break is very soon. Why didn't I have my break? =( Everyone enjoying I need to study. Especially my siblings. They're playing everyday and I have to study everyday. Distracting me. Haha.

I'm working tomorrow. Money money = SHOPPING! I seriously can't wait to go shop. AAHHHH! Paradise. :) Shop till I drop. I just bought a new handbag. Woohoo! But I haven't seen my bag yet. It's with my friend. Lol.

It's 2months now :) Wonder if he remember or not. Hmm. I guess he didn't even know today is the 19th. And I just made him angry yesterday. Stupid status. I don't mean to make him angry. I just post it up cause it look fun. And I just think of him and my girl friends to like so that I can post it on their wall. I don't mean to attract attention and other ppl to come and like it. I know he doesn't like it that guy post such things on my wall. I need to think before doing things next time. To prevent this things from happening again. And then, somehow my tears dropped just now. I think I know why. Yet I don't know. Hmm. Should be because I feel like I'm forcing him to change to the way I like. And stopping him from things he wants to do. =/ I don't know what to do. Sometimes I feel everything I do is wrong. =(
I feel I always ki siao. And I know he doesn't like it. I already try my best. I can feel that I become much more better compare to last time. Or maybe it's just my feeling? Last time, my anger won't go away that fast. Now, the moment he talk to me properly, my anger will be gone already. How does this even happen? Human's brain is so weird. Hmm. I don't get angry that easily too already :) I can control now.

Time to do some revision. Exam coming. Wish me luck :)

Happy 2months. I love you

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