Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finally updating it [= So many things happen in this few weeks.

Start with college. My 3 weeks sem break is awesomeee. Enjoyed myself hanging out with friends =D It's awesome! Wooo. I spend my 3 weeks at home doing nothing. Wanted to work but oh well. I'm lazy as usual. Lol. Now it's the 3rd week after sem break already. This sem subjects are harder compared to the first sem =/ There's IT too. Oh gosh. I hate IT. Though I'm using IT things. =p The other subjects are okay for now. Accounts. Hmm. Some of it I didn't study before. So this sem would be much harder for me already. Macro is. Speechless. All calculation and I feel micro is sooo much easier. The lecturers teach super fast too. One lecture they teach 10pages plus =/ We DO NOT have a robot brain. Our brain needs time to digest all the information. Crazy lecturers! Trying to kill us =.= More and more assignments are coming up. And I haven't been studying since the first day of class. I'm still lazy and laptop is really a distraction. Plus with games =/ I seriously don't know how to control myself. Someone control me PLEASE!! English presentation is soon. I have to get ready for it already. Talking about chocolates. Mmmmm. Yummy!

The rest of my life is just. Hmm. How do I describe it? Good? Yeaa. I guess that is the word. Can't say it's awesome or it's bad. Well, start with 19th Sept. That was a special day to me. Something that I never thought would happen so soon. It's UNEXPECTED! I know something about that person. And it makes me feel happy to be the first one to experience that. [= I'm lucky ;) And the details I should keep it to myself. I am enjoying every moment of it. And I will continue enjoying it.

Next is this guy. He told me he love me. I didn't really suspect so much cause I thought he is down that's why need someone to talk to him. He suddenly keep texting me and buy me things. Even ask me out. So yea. I went out with him. And he make things complicated for me. I treat him as a VERY GOOD FRIEND of mine. And nothing more. I told him that he came at the wrong time. If he come before May, maybe he still got the chance. I know him for so long already and now he suddenly come tell me he realise I was there for him all the time. Since last time till now. I know last time he helped me a lot when I was down. He was the one that keep asking me not to be sad and be strong. He was the one who was there for me when I need someone. He did ask me out last time, but somehow I just don't dare to go out with him last time. Now he ask me go out, I don't feel that anymore. I wonder why I got such feelings last time. o.O It's weird. And last time, everytime I see him I feel weird. Who cares about it now. It's the past. I don't want to hurt him. So I leave things the way it is. And just let him give up himself. I still have another function to go with him. If things get very awkward, I don't know how to face him during the function. It'll be very weird. Plus the function wouldn't be an hour or what. It'll be the whole night. Like 3 hours =/ I hope things will be fine. And I know that person doesn't like it. All I can say is. Don't worry. My feelings is still the same.

The end [= Movie time =D

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