Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's been a long time since I last update my blog. And so many things happened in between that made me so tired. I'm glad that things are so much better now. Somehow I just don't feel tired now. I can actually feel happiness. Yess. Like seriously, happiness. Hmm. Not that I don't feel it before this. Maybe lesser but now things ain't the same as last time. Though things weren't that good, at least there's some sweet moments. Maybe it's just because there's too many things to do that's why all of that are gone? Oh well. Forget bout that.

Tomorrow is my Organisation and Human Resource exam. And I haven't even started reading it yet. Wooo! I was working yesterday at Sunshine Square. I was rushing so I forgot bout my sweater. I was freezing and shivering there =/ Shit Sunshine. Make the whole frozen area so cold. Then he bought me sweater. Hee. Thank you (: Appreciate it! I wanted to do something. But I'm not sure if it'll work out or not. Hmm. I need help from someone too. Hope that it'll turn out to be good *pray*

Time to study! =D Will update more.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Stomach oh stomach. Please please stop aching. I'm dying already =( I need to study! And there is presentation next week and I have to do it. Plus Macro test. SUPER a lot of pages to study weihh. But, I'm sick. At the wrong time. Aahhhh! I have no time to waste. I already plan everything. Now because of this shit sickness, I delayed everything. WHAT LAAA! I had a bit fever yesterday and today it's gone. But I feel like vomiting, headache and everything!! It's like old lady. Everywhere pain. =.= I need my body to heal. PLEASE GO AWAY! God help me. I really and seriously need to be okay by tomorrow. Lots of things waiting for me to finish it. I don't wanna screw up my Macro test.

This week was Accounts and IT test. Both of it suck to the end! I AM SERIOUS! First time I look at accounts paper and I was like, WHAT THE HELL. My brain is like not functioning at all =/ I tried to balance it. Don't know if I'm right or not. As for IT, I screw up the whole paper I guess. Can't even remember what I studied. I'm so dead right? Sighh.

I better go sleep. Stomach killing me again =.= Night

Friday, November 19, 2010

ARGHH! I just use the hearts () to write the word 'I Love U'. Spend so much time doing it and I post it up the whole thing is gone. Grrr! =(( Angry now. Seriously stupid!! Feel like smacking blogspot =.=

Next week is a busyyyy week. Ughh. Two exams. Which is IT and Accounts. I sure die =/ IT is hard. I hate studying IT. Somehow it doesn't attract me. Sigh. I hope I don't screw up my CGPA because of IT. Here I come IT ;) I will master you. And delete you right after the exam is over. Lol. I just realise nearly everyone is having holidays now. My friend from other college having their finals soon already. Which means their break is very soon. Why didn't I have my break? =( Everyone enjoying I need to study. Especially my siblings. They're playing everyday and I have to study everyday. Distracting me. Haha.

I'm working tomorrow. Money money = SHOPPING! I seriously can't wait to go shop. AAHHHH! Paradise. :) Shop till I drop. I just bought a new handbag. Woohoo! But I haven't seen my bag yet. It's with my friend. Lol.

It's 2months now :) Wonder if he remember or not. Hmm. I guess he didn't even know today is the 19th. And I just made him angry yesterday. Stupid status. I don't mean to make him angry. I just post it up cause it look fun. And I just think of him and my girl friends to like so that I can post it on their wall. I don't mean to attract attention and other ppl to come and like it. I know he doesn't like it that guy post such things on my wall. I need to think before doing things next time. To prevent this things from happening again. And then, somehow my tears dropped just now. I think I know why. Yet I don't know. Hmm. Should be because I feel like I'm forcing him to change to the way I like. And stopping him from things he wants to do. =/ I don't know what to do. Sometimes I feel everything I do is wrong. =(
I feel I always ki siao. And I know he doesn't like it. I already try my best. I can feel that I become much more better compare to last time. Or maybe it's just my feeling? Last time, my anger won't go away that fast. Now, the moment he talk to me properly, my anger will be gone already. How does this even happen? Human's brain is so weird. Hmm. I don't get angry that easily too already :) I can control now.

Time to do some revision. Exam coming. Wish me luck :)

Happy 2months. I love you

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My wii =( It's gone now. I made a deal with dad. If my bro get 5A's in his UPSR, he buy us Wii. Now there's no more Wii cause my bro did not get 5A's. Ughh! I thought he can get it. But well, I guess he made some mistakes during the exam or he wasn't concentrating. Sighh. I feel so sad. My dad go rent Wii from his friend for us to play this holiday. I mean their holiday. Lol. No holiday for me =/ So, I'll be enjoying Wii till end of this year. =D

I'm working nearly every weekends now. Finding money to shop!! Shopping is my life ;) It's been so long since I last shopped. Can't wait to shop again. Shoes is the best. I prefer buying shoes than clothes somehow. I don't know why I just have more passion for shoes than clothes. Maybe because most of the clothes doesn't suit my size. So I prefer buying shoes cause most of it suits me. But there's one bad thing too. My leg is too small. Kinda hard to find my size =.= Seems like everything is hard for me. Lol. I should grow more. Aiyaa. I should be satisfied already.

Accounts presentation tomorrow! And I haven't even get ready for it yet. Lol. Discussing now. Byee.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I just realise that the year is going to end very very soon. I saw someone posted something in Facebook that is why I realise that. Whenever it is year end, it only reminds me of something. And I can't believe that it has been two years already. Wow. Time really flies. I went to that person's profile and I'm glad everything is good for that person. I don't really hate that person already. It just 'wow' me that it has been so long since I last listen to that person's voice and also the person's face from near. Of course I've met that person at other place after that. But it's not near. Somehow it just gives me weird feelings. I never thought that incident would happen. It happened and I just can't believe that it's been soooo longggg. =O And I never thought I could actually carry on my life so well without that person. I depend so much on that person that I lost control of everything when that person is gone. Now, I'm not anymore [=

It's already the 7th week of college. Half of the semester gone. Another final exam coming soon and I'm so not ready yet. Information technology and systems really suck and I'm kinda worried for that subject. Hmmm. Having Introduction to Organization and Management exam this thursday. Then on saturday, there will be an English summary writing. Oh goshh. All the best to myself ;)

Byee. Gotta go study for my exam d. =DD

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finally updating it [= So many things happen in this few weeks.

Start with college. My 3 weeks sem break is awesomeee. Enjoyed myself hanging out with friends =D It's awesome! Wooo. I spend my 3 weeks at home doing nothing. Wanted to work but oh well. I'm lazy as usual. Lol. Now it's the 3rd week after sem break already. This sem subjects are harder compared to the first sem =/ There's IT too. Oh gosh. I hate IT. Though I'm using IT things. =p The other subjects are okay for now. Accounts. Hmm. Some of it I didn't study before. So this sem would be much harder for me already. Macro is. Speechless. All calculation and I feel micro is sooo much easier. The lecturers teach super fast too. One lecture they teach 10pages plus =/ We DO NOT have a robot brain. Our brain needs time to digest all the information. Crazy lecturers! Trying to kill us =.= More and more assignments are coming up. And I haven't been studying since the first day of class. I'm still lazy and laptop is really a distraction. Plus with games =/ I seriously don't know how to control myself. Someone control me PLEASE!! English presentation is soon. I have to get ready for it already. Talking about chocolates. Mmmmm. Yummy!

The rest of my life is just. Hmm. How do I describe it? Good? Yeaa. I guess that is the word. Can't say it's awesome or it's bad. Well, start with 19th Sept. That was a special day to me. Something that I never thought would happen so soon. It's UNEXPECTED! I know something about that person. And it makes me feel happy to be the first one to experience that. [= I'm lucky ;) And the details I should keep it to myself. I am enjoying every moment of it. And I will continue enjoying it.

Next is this guy. He told me he love me. I didn't really suspect so much cause I thought he is down that's why need someone to talk to him. He suddenly keep texting me and buy me things. Even ask me out. So yea. I went out with him. And he make things complicated for me. I treat him as a VERY GOOD FRIEND of mine. And nothing more. I told him that he came at the wrong time. If he come before May, maybe he still got the chance. I know him for so long already and now he suddenly come tell me he realise I was there for him all the time. Since last time till now. I know last time he helped me a lot when I was down. He was the one that keep asking me not to be sad and be strong. He was the one who was there for me when I need someone. He did ask me out last time, but somehow I just don't dare to go out with him last time. Now he ask me go out, I don't feel that anymore. I wonder why I got such feelings last time. o.O It's weird. And last time, everytime I see him I feel weird. Who cares about it now. It's the past. I don't want to hurt him. So I leave things the way it is. And just let him give up himself. I still have another function to go with him. If things get very awkward, I don't know how to face him during the function. It'll be very weird. Plus the function wouldn't be an hour or what. It'll be the whole night. Like 3 hours =/ I hope things will be fine. And I know that person doesn't like it. All I can say is. Don't worry. My feelings is still the same.

The end [= Movie time =D